Deywoss One llc is developing disruptive technologies for Space in the sectors: Energy Launcher Disaster Risk Reduction

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Today, the level of innovation allows to use less energy in all scale of the Space Sector. Since 2015, we are engage into an approach of efficiency in many areas of the Space market. Therefore we developed the nano/micro thermal accumulator. It is a device wihch is using low consumption electricity to produce heat ans stock it. after a few second the current is off and the thermal energy is delivered slowly during several minutes. The innovation is registered at the European Space Agency as Innovative. Rockets are more and more big, heavy and are consuming a lot of energy to send so few material to space. In another way, cloud is well known to take part of the Global changing, therefore we developed an autonomous engine, a Spaceship we call "Space Drone", because without pilot. Its first mission is to send small engines, like satellites (cubeSat) to space and back. the innovation comes from the fact that it is flying like an airplane until 20Km and then used its two rockets to reach space (250-500km). The first kilometers are known to consuming most energy. Our innovative motor will also reduce risk of accident by the re-entry into the atmosphere. But what is the meaning of the life, to make business if we are loosing our planet? Space technologies should made contribution to decrease our pressures under the Environment. We want to use our innovations to better understand some extrem and not well known Meta Disasters like Thermal Ocean HotSpot (TOH). This phenomenon is particularly dangerous because of its size (still more than 1000km big). First record was made in 2005 by Wilkinson and Souter (W&S 2005) into a great document. Additional studies made with the Great Laboratory of Paleoenvironment and Paleobiosphere of Lyon (France) have shown that the gravity of the event of 2005 was underestimated, also by NASA. In fact, isotopic fractionation made on Corals (delta 18 Oxygene) informed that the See Surface Temperature SST estimate by NASA in the Caribeans was +32°C over normal (29°C), while corals collected at 6 meters deep, registered 35°C during several weeks. W&S 2005 also shows that TOH impacted Hurricane Katrina. For all those reason we definitely engage into a fight against this anomaly in the aim to propose anwsers. Make money has no sens if we cannot share it with our relatives and our employees. Thanks
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Headquarters Merepoint, ME 04011, USA

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The DPH (delta prime heater) is very thin a thermal energy producer and accumulator. That means that, its is using electric impulses to produce heat very quickly and stock it. The device can reach the temperature needs in a few seconds (5 to 15 seconds) and store the heat. After this few seconds, the heat it delivered slowly (between 1 to 4 minutes) once the electrical power supply is off. Our technology is based on an original and innovative electromagnetic concept named “Coronal Architecture” which help using very low current (0,2 until 1,9 Ampere). The particularity of the DPH is coming from: its capability to store the thermal energy, do not emitted micro wave on the user (civil used for clothing), and the possibility to put it in most of the material and can be plunge into many products (gas, liquid, oil, metal, and so on). The device allows to regulate the temperature in a large range, depends of the needs. It is possible to modify the size and the thinness of the device. It can be use alone or; like on the photo below, in a pack with several device, command with a microcontroller. It was developed at first warm the electronic components of satellites. Today, it will be used to warm clothing, automobile, wings or airplanes, battery of drones, oil in the tank, and so on. This innovation is registered at the European Space Agency until 2015. link:

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The Space Drone was initially developed in the aim to facilitate the launch of small engines like CubeSat and other small products and instruments in space by using verylow consumption of Energy. These 12 meters by 16 meters small launcher be able to reach small orbit near 400 km still 800 km altitude. The normal charges will be from 100 kg until 200 kg. The PROTEUS is a Small Launcher hybrid which will using double Jet motors to fly until 21 Km altitude, then it will use it rockets in front to go to space, and then plasma motors to move in space. It is not developed for speed, but to accomplish its mission, place in each position selected by the customer/s its cargo. It was designed to be easy to use, quick to build and cheaper than the classic $500 M launchers rockets. With the biaxially wings, it is faster off the ground and more reactive in the air. The shorter wings reduce the friction with the air. When it is coming back, the two double turbo reactor and rockets will move turn around its axis and then, the spaceship can land vertically. Its innovative motro reduce the friction by the re-entry into the atmosphere. That means, less place to park.

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The re-intry into the atmosphere is a very sensible moment for a spaceship. We remind us to the last US Spaceship Challenger and the tragedy that followed. The gravity motor place under our spaceship will slow down the engine by exploiting the kinetic energy produce by the friction between the shell and the layers of atmosphere. this technoogy will also help save lives and involve the Space market . The Technical Ceramic used was 100% developed by our Start-up.

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Engaged since 2008 into the fight against Climate Change, we joined the United Nations program of Disaster Risk Reduction since 2017 to do more. Climate change concerned each of us, and that is a fight we will win together! CO2 is not the only one factor which increase climate changes. Natural phenomena like Volcano, Hearthquake are causing several Hazard like Floods, Tsunamy, Hurricanes, landslide and so on. But new risks was recently identified like Thermal Ocean HotSpot (TOH). TOH are due to atmospheric and unknown phenomena, which will impact the Ocean durable. The better example is the phenomenon of August 2005 which has increasing the Seat Surface Temperature (SST) over 29°C during several weeks. NASA satellites' registered SST of 32°C, while the Isotopic Fractionation we made on corals have registered +35°C. The measurements was done with the laboratory of Paleoenvironment /Paleobiosphere of Lyon 1, France. The risks are considerable for the Humanity. In fact, coral are like bees in the Ocean and very good indicators of Climate Changes. We are proposing very precise studies to our customers which want to have a prospective view of their activities, their business. This work concerned particularly coasline areas (fishermen, farmers, ofshore oil and gaz, renewable energy companies, and so on..) In second hand, we are planning to use our Space Drone also to studying the TOH for Disaster Risk Reduction and build a digital model of evolution of climate Change. Those studies will save millions of lives. In fact, the motor of our environment are the Ocean. They impact the atmosphere and regulate the temperature of the surface of the Earth. We recently discover that this phenomenon will impact the Seal Level Rise, the Hurricanes, the wind and cause the displacement of extrem events in New area on the world. Many sectors will be impact like the Fisheries, the Tourism, some Renewable Energy systems, many Farmers and so on.

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