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Tadeusz Bak & Marek Goscicki





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Clean World Energy Systems

Our goal is to develop technologies dedicated to taking climate action with economical benefits on the business level. We hold several patents on the technological solutions related to Energy, thermodynamics, transportation (automotive & railway) and recycling.

We have developed two exceptional technological solutions related to creating a new approach in Energy generation and recuperation - C-GEN and TBRC. C-GEN is the only comprehensive solution that addresses all current energy sector problems worldwide. It is an interdisciplinary, cross-sector multitechnology that enables the production of energy from waste coal, refinery sludge, biomass and municipal solid waste in an environmentally friendly manner (emission-free), store it on an industrial scale in the form of synthetic natural gas and deliver it to the market in moments of higher demand for energy – thus its regulatory and balancing factor on the energy grids. Also, the circular economy character of the technology allows generation of cheap (3 to 4 times cheaper than production in the classical chemical plant) urea from waste and by-products of the whole process. Another technology is the revolutionary TBRC - a way to regasify LNG with no emission and a system to recover all the thermal energy as well as electricity that is already in the liquid natural gas. The existing LNG regasification technologies do not allow the full recovery of energy accumulated in LNG during the liquefaction process - virtually all of the "cold energy" along with carbon dioxides dissipate into the environment. We are able to reclaim it in full and also recover electricity from the gas expansion. So apart from the gas we also generate a surplus in the form of the cold energy and electricity which we, as an operator, can resell to the end-user whose daily operations require the cold and other forms of energy.