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Convion Ltd.

Convion is a fuel cell system developer providing a clean and efficient solution for distributed power generation.

Convion is a leading developer of large fuel cell systems for distributed power generation and a world leader in fuel cell system technologies.
We offer a solution for ultra-clean and efficient power generation in sub-megawatt scale by fuel cells. Solid oxide fuel cell technology at the heart of Convion systems provides the highest efficiency of conversion from fuel to electricity, and the continuously operating, modular power generators can flexibly use natural gas or biogas as a fuel. Modular, autonomous co-generation systems of Convion are building blocks of smart, diverse and resilient energy systems as power generation can be brought to the point of consumption. Integrated on-site power generation brings together the benefits of locality to commercial and industrial applications by providing secured supply of energy alongside of the utility grid without local emissions or transmission losses. Convion was founded in 2012 by an experienced team continuing work initiated by Wärtsilä Corporation. Convion has started demonstrating its products internationally and is committed to first commercial deliveries in 2019.

Company Convion Ltd.