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ClearValue Energy Inc.

ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy aims to provide clean energy, transportation, pure water and nutrients for the world, using a value-added, closed-loop, zero/negative carbon system.

Leading and innovative group of scientists, engineers and architects focused on clean energy, pure water and organic nutrient solutions that are value-added (solution provides more customer benefit than previous products) and efficacious (solution is an efficient and effective use of resources).

ClearValue Energy, Inc. (Energy) and ClearValue Combustion Systems, Inc. (Combustion) together form the ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy.

The ClearValue Hydrogen Energy Economy has both energy and transportation components. Energy utilizes methane (preferably bio-gas, yet can be natural gas or cracked oil) and sunlight to produce clean electricity at $0.02 to 0.03 /kWhr and hydrogen at less than $3/kg, while only producing pure water and organic nutrients as byproducts.

Transportation is a retooling of internal combustion engines, known today, to more powerful and efficient engines that combust pure hydrogen and pure oxygen. As Energy does not use sunlight as the primary energy source, incorporating sunlight in a secondary process function, Energy produces much more sunlight per acre than current photovoltaic systems (15 to 20 MW per acre of light collected, compared to 0.6 to 1.0 MW for photovoltaic). As Combustion is not a fuel cell concept, there are no precious metal or ultra pure hydrogen requirements.

The ClearValue Companies are headquartered in the Houston, Texas USA: ClearValue Energy, Inc., 4402 Ringrose, Missouri City, Texas 77459.

Company ClearValue Energy Inc.