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Clean Insulating Technologies SA - Gramitherm

Gramitherm is a unique proposal of grass fibres insulating batts

Gramitherm® is a patented Swiss technology that enables the production of natural insulation batts from meadow grass fibres . Gramitherm® is a new insulation biomaterial with grass fibres that offers a double ecological performance : a negative carbon footprint ( 1kg of Gramitherm batt absorbs 1,405kg of CO2-eq) , the lowest grey energy performance in it’s category (the liquid digestible components of the grass are collected and used for the production of biogas . Every component of grass is valorized in a top efficient waste management system). Gramitherm® is delivering both insulation against cold of winter as well as summer heat . It’s fibrous structures absorb noise (recommended for wood buildings) and regulate humidity (recommended for long life cycle and confort in humid areas ). Gramitherm®is easy to install , non irritating , non toxic and 100% recyclable . Gramitherm® is a global concept : natural grass is nearly everywhere and doesn’t need to be planted. Where there are grass valorization spots, there is an opportunity to manufacture and market Gramitherm®! Gramitherm® belongs to the bioeconomy and is a perfect example of transforming "green waste" into added value materials. Key Figures : The insulation materials market comprises of 50% mineral wool (glass+stone) , 45% synthetic plastic foams and 5% natural fibres ( mainly wood fibres made products). Within this 5% niche of”alternative”products , the European market today for flexible batts is 2,0 M m3 per year or +/- 140M EUR annual sales . The European natural fibres insulation market is growing at 10-12% p.a on average . Same trend and metrics for insulation market in North America.... 1 kg of Gramitherm® finished product absorbs 1,405 kg equivalent of CO2 ( Life Cycle Analysis by Zurich University / Department ZH AW/2015 ). By taking 33% market share of the European natural fibres flexible batts , Gramitherm® wil generate a positive impact of 700000m3 x 40kg/m3 x1,405 kg eq CO2/kg of product = 39 340 000 kg of CO2 = +/- 39 000 TONS OF CO2 CAPTURED ! The Gramitherm® Product is currently on the market ( R&D started in 2006 at EPFL Lausanne ) ; the business is at scale-up stage, implementing right now production capacity in Wallonia (Belgium). Next steps will be to roll-out the concept all over the world with local partners, licensing type of agreements, joint-ventures... Gramitherm won the Bouygues Award for circular economy at Vivatech 2018 .

Company Clean Insulating Technologies SA - Gramitherm

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A bio-based insulation batt with a negative carbon footprint made from grass

Gramitherm® tackles the challenge of efficiency in buildings by providing an equally performant insulating material with an unrivaled environmental impact.
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