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Benoît PAGET




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B:bot the revolutionary solution for plastic bottles recycling !

A solution financially neutral, without help or contribution and that can generate income.
The deposit completely reinvented to make it flexible, communal, social and supportive. B:bot increases costs: the uncolored and color bottles are immediately sorted into separate bins and turned into flakes. The sorted flake is a semi-processed product, ready for recycling and better valued per tonne. B:bot is totally digital to be high performance and especially to attract. Smart : it is self-healing, learns alone to recognize new bottles, refuses unaccepted packaging, informs us positively of the right moves, collects data to better adapt to our habits…
Connected: it is piloted, repaired, remotely updated. And in real time, it says when it is full or when it is breakdown. It even communicates with its friends through a dedicated platform, to keep us informed of our sorter performance. Attractive: it is ultra incentive and gives meaning to our sorting act.
It encourages the sorter and gives him a unique, rewarding and interactive experience. B:bot is user centered thanks to its open platform. It rewards us with pennies, points, promotions, gifts, etc. We are part of a community that wants to commit and improve things. We propose to give a social and associative scope to our action: with its partner associations, each bottle collected generates the collection of another on the beaches. More bottles in b:bot less in the oceans !

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