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We’re your partner for making your home efficient. Along the way, you’ll trim your carbon emissions & lower bills.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2019
Company Size 50
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Founders Nana Wilberforce, PhD
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie 15219, États-Unis
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Builddie LLC


Builddie is an intelligent energy management system that uses state-of-the-art smart technologies (sensors, actuators, controllers etc.) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for optimal energy management of buildings. Builddie monitors and controls HVAC, lighting, and other systems by integrating information obtained from sensors on a range of outdoor environmental (temperature, humidity), indoor environmental (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide), and equipment sensors to reduce energy use. The vision and capabilities of Builddie exceed traditional smart home technologies through the use of the Artificial Intelligence paradigm. The various components of the overall technology include a sensory infrastructure to track energy consumption and environmental data, an AI data analytics engine to process sensory data and develop energy efficiency strategies, an actuation infrastructure to control devices and execute energy strategies, and a user interaction framework to communicate with the consumer. The platform can intelligently monitor environmental conditions and take appropriate action to save energy while meeting user comfort. Builddie's proven AI capabilities also enable it to adapt to user behavior and anticipate their needs while minimizing energy consumption. The unique features of Builddie are listed below: • Uses intelligent algorithms that does not require user-driven off-line training or manual configuration thereby needing minimal deployment effort. • Learn and self-adapt to previously unseen scenarios such as modifications in the habits or preferences of users or to changes in climate. • Uses AI techniques such as neural networks and reinforcement learning to predict occupancy status, detect user activity patterns, and user profiling • Infer optimal configurations for environmental control systems (e.g. HVAC) and utilize occupancy status to actively modify the state of actuators. • Mapping between user activities and preferred environmental conditions to achieve minimum acceptable comfort. • Extract patterns from large amounts of data using neural networks for predictive features The main components of current Builddie platform are described below: AI Processing Engine: Targeting the energy consumption of appliances, learning user preferences, recognizing current activities, automated implementation of energy efficiency plans. Sensory Infrastructure: Energy/power meters to measure energy consumption; Sensors for acquiring environmental data (e.g. temperature, humidity) and context information (user presence). Actuation Infrastructure: To control HVAC, lighting, appliances and other devices.
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Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie 15219, États-Unis

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