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1260 Nyon, Switzerland

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Maria Stewart in partnership with Deca Swiss Sarl, Nyon




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Bo Sens

Since 2017 providing training and intermediary services related to bioplastics solutions.

Have you ever heard of bioplastic ? No ? In Switzerland most of the people ignore it's existence. And yet, the bioplastic industrie is growing fast. Today used mainly for packaging and disposable products, these biodegradable or biobased plastics, or both, will tomorrow be the materials of choice also in the production of sustainable products. Fossil resources are not inexhaustible and their uncontrolled consumption is not without consequences for the environment and health. The shift towards the use of renewable resources and the reduction of consumption is inevitable for the survival of future generations. What are we waiting for, companies or individuals? Who will do it for us? We have committed to the responsible economy, training and awareness of the population and business by founding BO Sens!


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Make sure you've read the instructions before using the chat

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