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Biolive is a biotechnology company that produces and sells antimicrobial and antioxidant bioplastic granules from olive seeds.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founder 2017
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Headquarters 34173 Güngören/İstanbul, Turkey
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Petroleum (oil) based plastics are harmful to human health and the environment.Every year, human beings produce millions of tons of plastic waste which threaten the lives of hundreds of all species especially earth and marine animals. Biolive produce completely natural bioplastic granules stem from olive seeds in order to overcome the problems and fulfil the deficiencies in bioplastic market.It is cost efficient, biodegradable and non-carcinogenic bioplastics. Biolive creates cost-efficient, biodegradable and non-carcinogenic bioplastics through the use of 500.000 olive seeds, which is the amount of olive waste produced during the oil-extraction process in Turkey on an annual basis. Biolive granules are 90% more cost-effective. As Biolive team, we produce 100% organic (without additives), vegan, biodegradable, compostable, cost-effective, nonhazardous to both human health and the nature bioplastics with the active ingredient oleuropein, which is naturally anticancerogenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and the antioxidant found in olive seeds, acts to extend bioplastic shelf life and hastens the biodegrading process (which biodegrades in less than a year). This oleuropein in our Biolive bioplastics has inhibition impact on many harmful microorganisms including Esherica Coli.It is also 90% more cost effective than existing bioplastics because of utilizing waste of olive oil companies.It can be used in the whole sectors which use plastics.
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Headquarters 34173 Güngören/İstanbul, Turkey

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