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VC fund that invests in innovative climate technology that aligns people, planet and profit.

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Founded 2020
Company Size 5
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Founders Sebastian Heitmann, Joern-Carlos Kuntze, Yair Reem und Oliver Schwarzer
Headquarters 10119 Berlin, Germany
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Beyond Black


Who we are. The Beyond Black Net-Zero Circle is a group of like-minded people committed to invest in daring entrepreneurs who develop breakthrough technology solutions that address the climate crisis. Circle members believe it’s time to do real work on real projects, and go to scale. It's time to be practitioners, not theorists. What we do. Through our venture capital fund we invest our time, money and effort in building innovative companies. We provide our knowledge in scaling and commercializing, as well as our technical know-how and profound network of industry partners, investors, entrepreneurs and experts. Our goal is to enable the transition to a net-zero economy (one that balances out greenhouse gases by absorbing the emitted amount from the atmosphere). Why we do it. We are at a tipping point where eco-friendly technologies are becoming more economically viable than fossil-fuel-based energy sources. Scaling those technologies is our take to (A) prevent a global climate-disaster and (B) gain long term financial return on innovations that will govern our everyday lives in the near future.
Headquarters 10119 Berlin, Germany

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean water and sanitation
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Affordable and clean energy
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Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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Sustainable cities and communities
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Responsible consumption and production
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Editor in Chief

Permanent position at Beyond Black

Published 1 month ago Berlin, Germany Deadline April 15, 2021

Editor in Chief - Beyond Black Climate VC fund hiring a Head of Content, encompassing premium content generation, creation of overarching content strategy and execution, implementing SEO best practices, and scaling a content team. Who we are Beyond Black is a VC fund that invests in founders who build innovative climate technology that aligns people, profit and planet. We are at a tipping point where eco-friendly technologies are becoming more economically viable than fossil-fuel-based energy sources. Scaling those technologies is our take to (A) prevent a global climate-disaster and (B) gain long term financial return on innovations that will govern our everyday life in the near future. To push forward innovation we created the Beyond Black Net-Zero Circle which consists of experienced investors with a proven track record of identifying and scaling disruptive technologies, and growing them into profitable and impactful enterprises. Circle members believe it’s time to do real work on real projects, and go to scale. It's time to be practitioners, not theorists, so we’ve shifted our language from “somebody should” to “we do.” Together we want to enable the transition to a net-zero economy. “Net-zero” meaning an economy that either does not emit any additional greenhouse gases or balances them out by absorbing the emitted amount from the atmosphere. Role overview First and foremost, we're looking for someone who shares our vision and determination of tackling the climate crisis through innovation and technology. Our main goal is to get the word out that Beyond Black is THE climate fund in Germany that invests in technologies which have the potential to substantially reduce greenhouse gases (each of our investments should be able to reduce 1% of global annual emissions). Our goal is to convince investors that joining our circle is the right move financially and ethically, while also attracting founders’ and journalists’ interest in our fund. We need someone to put us on the map of the right people and make sure we stay there as their main point of reference. We want to be seen as the experts on climate tech and position ourselves with content that is understandable for investors who are no climate-experts while at the same time being able to go deep on any topic related to renewable energy, carbon sequestration etc. We want quality content to be the bedrock of our efforts to grow the Net-Zero Circle and scale the impact of our joint efforts. Roles and job descriptions at our stage are necessarily ambiguous and cover a huge portfolio of responsibilities, so we need someone who thrives in that environment. Among the responsibilities for the role: Hiring and managing content writers, video content creators, designers, and others to scale the content team. You will be responsible for your own budget and your own team, with broad authority within the domain of content. We need someone who can build their own team under them. Creation of overarching written and video content strategy for the company, including planning, developing and implementing company’s content strategy, and developing strong editorial processes Premium scientific content creation: research and writing on a wide variety of topics relating to climate technologies (such as geothermal, carbon capture, solar etc) while highlighting our portfolio companies Ability to research and understand primary literature and statistics for use in written content and creating effective storytelling and throughlines from primary literature; Ability to reference primary literature and statistics appropriately throughout all content. We also work with news articles. General editing and ensuring technical veracity of the work of freelance or staff content creators that you manage. Experience creating various types of content such as blog posts, guest posts for external sites, ebooks, white papers, guides, infographics, newsletters, videos, and social media copy. Managing content partnerships with other companies and being the primary point person for these relationships. Strategizing on taking on new guest posting opportunities Regular interactions with our portfolio companies and investors to have deep understanding of concerns and developments in order to create content to address this Define process and implementation of updating old evergreen content with newest research information and shareable elements (ie infographics, etc). Assistance with company email marketing efforts Understanding of how written content strategy can be leveraged across all online platforms (blog, social, newsletter, youtube, etc) SEO and growth skills are a plus, but not required (we are also hiring specifically for a digital marketing role, who will take the lead on the following areas). If you have familiarity with some of the following items, that’s great, but not necessary: Inbound content marketing background and ability to understand content marketing as a sales channel; assistance implementing SEO best practices and, ideally, experience with SEO and site analytics analysis to optimize content Familiarity of software that can monitor content marketing efforts (ie Hubspot, Clearscope, etc) This list is not exhaustive at all, and you'll have a lot of autonomy over your work. We're looking for a full-time hire. Why you might be excited about us We're working to solve the biggest challenge of our generation and for you, this would mean a great use of your time. We genuinely believe that technology will play a major role in solving climate change issues and see the current shift of investments as a huge opportunity to build the innovations that will govern our lives in the future We're small, so you'll be able to contribute efficiently and without bureaucracy. Our team has a wide range of experiences and are excited to learn from you, too. You'll be able to work remotely and set your own schedule. We don't micromanage and will help you do great work. Why you might not be excited about us We're small (~5 people in the company now), so if you like more established companies, it's not (yet) the right time. You'll help build our company's culture Since we're an early-stage venture (like a small startup), projects and priorities may shift. We can't provide close mentorship, as we're looking for someone who is already a leader and has demonstrated the ability to lead and scale a team. Since you'll have a lot of responsibility and creativity over projects, they may not be defined perfectly initially. You'll be expected to bring your own experience and perspective to help us do the right things, and raise flags if you think we should do things differently. About You None of these are requirements, but do describe the kinds of people that we think would be most effective at Levels right now. Science background and demonstrated experience with science writing and managing other science writers Has experience, sourcing, hiring, and managing a content team for a high impact outlet or company Love thinking broadly and creatively about problems and how to solve them efficiently. Skeptical of the status quo. Understands systems, process, and how to scale a team Worked remotely before, or know that you'd work well with a remote team. Excited for a front-row seat into a fast growing, venture capital company. Things will change a lot! Enjoy thinking through trade-offs, with both mindfulness of short-term needs and our long-term direction.

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