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Bei Jing Shi Zheng Fu, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China

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Beijing Leo&Sean technology co. LTD

Beijing Leo & Sean technology co., ltd. is committed to developing and selling safe, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient washing products. The company's star product, the oxygenic plant extraction washing series, has a 7 - day - degradable rate as high as 99.7 %, which is safe to human body and harmless to the environment. And doe not contain harmful chemical additions, thus prevent harmful chemical substances from invading that ecological circle from the very source.


Stop poisoning the ecosystem

Protecting our precious marine and forest resources with meaningful innovation is the original intention of our brand

As we all know, we use a lot of washing products every day. however, many washing products abuse harmful chemical components to achieve the purpose of washing, resulting in many harmful chemical components that are difficult to be degraded naturally will be discharged into the natural environment along with domestic sewage. If these toxins are deposited in aquatic organisms, they will one day lead to secondary poisoning as humans prey on these aquatic organisms. For example, dioxin, a chemical component listed as a class I carcinogen by the international cancer research center, is undoubtedly a major threat to aquatic organisms due to its presence in daily chemical laundry products. 
Therefore, ocean & forest insists on using food-grade ingredients, environmental protection ingredients that can be rapidly degraded naturally, and firmly does not add chemical ingredients that are harmful to human bodies and the environment. To protect our precious marine and forest resources with meaningful innovation is the original intention of our brand establishment.

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