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Ottawa, ON K1Y 2J7, Canada

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Elias Assad




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Autovector Technologies Inc.

Autovector is a growing team of people who are dedicated to sustainable transportation. We are developing a novel tire and wheel assembly that takes much less materials and energy to manufacture than conventional tires, and exhibits exceptionally low rolling resistance. Twango easily qualifies as the cleanest and greenest tire and wheel assembly ever invented. Our vision is to create a new type of disruptive company, one that relates to all participants in the tire industry value chain as partners on the same mission. We believe that it is imperative for all businesses to transition to sustainable products and technologies.

The twango tire and wheel assembly is an airless tire coupled to the center disc using pneumatic spokes instead of the polymeric spokes of modern airless tires. Pneumatic spokes, or airspokes, feature connected cylindrical segments (cylinders) that are aligned in a substantially radial direction and constitute a single volume of pressurized air analogous to conventional tires. The cylinders collapse at the contact patch and extend outside it in a non-hysteretic sliding motion. Twango works for the full range of applications, from bicycles and lawn mowers, to heavy construction and mining. Autovector is starting with an agricultural wheel, twango AG, to be introduced at the Automechanika/Reifen 2018 show in September.