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APC Group SA

Asia Plantation Capital is an International British group, Multi Award winner as Best forestry management company

APC is specialised in the production and distillation of Agarwood, the Aquilaria's tree heartwood, in order to obtain the most expensive Agarwood and essential oil in the world: Oud oil which sells in retail over USD 100’000 per liter. Both the Agarwood and Oud oil are used in religious and cultural ceremonies, in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in cosmetics and perfume industry.

The Aquilaria tree, also called Gaharu, was declared in 1995 by CITES, as critically endanger species. Since 2002, APC has developed know how to cultivate that tree, in a way to save garde this species from extinction, fight illegal market, reforest the wood and make it economically profitable.

Asia Plantation Capital typically works with local populations, using sustainable operational methods and modern technology that allow lifelong and transparent commercial practices.

The 3 Ps: People + Planet + Profit work along side helping local communities to evolve, contributing in saving the planet, and providing a much appreciated yield. Clients purchase trees via APC Luxembourg, entrust Asia Plantation Capital Malaysia with the plantation management, the distillation of the heartwood and the sale of the precious commodity. They have access to various levels of security, expertise and yield. Asia Plantation Capital received 7 awards since 2014 including the best sustainable forestry investment of the year.


-17 years of activities

-More than 2000 employment created in rural area

-160 plantations certified C.I.T.E.S.

-ISO certification: Carbon Neutral Company

-Following Forestry Stewardship Council on Social, ecological and economical practice

-More than 650 million $ of green assets under management, with much more potential.

-No banking debt

-100% of investor's capital insured by Lloyd's of London and covered by corporate buffer stock.

-Offering investment unrelated to financial market.

-8000 Clients, among which 7000 visited and witnessed APC's plantations and operations.

-Seeking more investors, in order to increase Ecological, Economical and Social Impact. -We create custom made portfolio from trees of different ages, offering a Capital gain from year 5 to year 10, with very attractive yield based on client’s requirements and trees availability. -Commercial office based in Geneva, HQ in Kuala Lumpur

Company APC Group SA