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Edwige Truyts




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Inventor of Thermal Services and their disruptive thermal technology.

Thermal Desserts are equipment for the distribution of collective hot meals. Their thermal technology is more efficient and more appropriate, to the treatment of food and the overall quality of service. The Thermal Services simplify and reduce the costs of operational implementation of the service by providing an appropriate technical solution and a rebalancing of margins to accelerate short circuits that are slow to develop in communities (canteens, rest homes, etc. and also in commercial catering). Their apparent simplicity and similarity should not confuse them with any buffets and other warmers seen in restaurant services. The technology has been awarded two European patents and is based on the thermodynamic laws governing heat transfers in materials. They are a strict autonomous in temperature,. the thermal inertia is no longer random and the parameters are adjustable to the manufacturing for an appropriate autonomy. They compensate for a technological gap that requires an expensive combination of means to maintain the hot link and freezes the entire industry, from the field to the plate by reheating industrialized food portions over a long distance. A range of collective models and finishes adapted to different markets are part of the project and its development.

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