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Altadeva is a collaborative online platform that provides technical solutions for the basic needs of impoverished people

Altadeva identifies in a single place the essential needs of impoverished populations (food, clean water, heat, shelter, fight against diseases affecting the poor, education, etc.) and technical solutions that answer them. The goal of the platform is to identify and host technologies, match them, fund them, develop them and use them locally. For this we have experience of technology transfer to developing countries and multiple professional skills: technical expertise, management, business creation, IT development, community management, marketing, communication, graphics. Who can participate in Altadeva? Project leaders, regardless of the stage of development of their technology. Investors, patrons or donors who can support the platform or specific projects. Everyone : - if you are a technological or industrial partner looking for opportunities in the ESS, - if you have knowledge of a particular area or region of the world and the needs of local people, - if you wish to become Ambassador of Altadeva by making known the platform and our actions. How to support Altadeva? We are a young start-up, non-profit organization, member of the Social and Solidarity Economy and looking for partners, support, funding and donations.

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