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Eric Scotto, Patrice Lucas, Benoît Galland, Brice Yharrassarry




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Akuo Energy is the leading French independent renewable energy power producer.

Akuo Energy is present across the whole value chain, including project development, financing, construction, and operation. As of end-2016, Akuo Energy had invested USD 1.9 billion for a total capacity of 960 MW in operation and under construction and over 2 GW in projects being developed. The Group’s electricity sales over this period totaled EUR 172 million. With to date more than 260 staff, the Group, whose headquarters are in Paris, France, operates in 13 other countries around the world: the United States, Uruguay, Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Australia, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Dominican Republic, Mali, Bulgaria and Dubai. Akuo Energy aims to have a global production capacity of 3,500 MW in 2022.


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