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Ecology as the driving force for the economy

A new challenge

The future of the Solar Impulse Foundation

4 years ago, Bertrand Piccard set the challenge of selecting 1000 solutions to protect the environment in a profitable way. Today, we have reached this milestone. So, what comes next?
It’s time to use these efficient solutions to make our world cleaner, more efficient and boost economic growth. To help anyone search solutions, we create the Guide. To help companies and public authorities achieve their environmental targets, we build the Cleanprint. To drive investment in clean technologies, we match investors with efficient solutions providers.

Read the 1000+ Solutions Call by Bertrand Piccard

The Guide

Search sustainable solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find products, processes or services for your professional and private needs, with the guarantee that they are good for the environment as well as for your wallet, in just a few clicks?

That’s exactly what the Guide is made for. We have 1000+ solutions to help you, your region and your company do - almost everything - in a more efficient and sustainable way. So, let us Guide you!

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The Cleanprint

Show decision-makers a concrete path to achieve their environmental targets

The Cleanprint will demonstrate the impact of many labelled solutions in a given context, and show how they can be applied to specific industries and sectors, to cities, regions or countries.
It will show that there are environmental and economic benefits to be had through their implementation, and will indicate where regulation can be modernized to allow for a more ambitious deployment of the solutions.
The Cleanprint is a blueprint for a cleaner world – that can be implemented today.

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For investors

Invest in sustainable and profitable solutions

What if we could help investors to identify promising deal flow that also contributes to the protection of the environment?

We are developing tools for our investor community to find promising investments that help protect the environment in a profitable way. By matching efficient solutions with the right investors, we are enabling and accelerating their implementation to reduce the impact on the planet.

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  1. A
    1000 SolutionsApril 2021
  2. B
    Guide Beta VersionSummer 2021
  3. C
    Launch of the Guide and first CleanprintCOP26 November 2021

The Guide Simulation

To better understand how The Guide works, here are three fictional profiles.
Two professionals working for a public authority and one for a business.

This local government agency is trying to support the creation of a new sustainable economy and demonstrate to firms the real value of waste.

Alfie owns a transport company and is looking to reduce the GHG emissions of his delivery trucks, but doesn't want to retrofit his vehicles or change the type of fuel used by his trucks, but is looking for easy-to-implement fuel economy solutions to reduce his impact.

Lee needs to increase energy efficiency in his community's buildings to cool them using less energy with passive solutions like better insulation materials or cool roofing. He is looking for solutions that construction companies can implement, or that any commercial and residential building owners can retrofit.

Solar Impulse plane - vertical forest

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Be part of our community and be one of the first to test our guide. Help us build the first tool to simulate the environmental benefits of our labelled solutions.