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Sustainable solar lighting designs for the home and outdoors. Award-winning design is vital in disaster relief

Tipo Company
Fondato 2015
Dimensioni dell'azienda 5
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Fondatori Alice Chun
Sede operativa New York, NY 10007, USA
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Solight Design

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Say Good-Bye To Old Technology & Welcome The New Award-Winning SolarPuff™-LS! Are you struggling to find the ideal solar light that you can easily take anywhere with you? Want light that will last a long time? Want to create a dream-like ambiance for your upcoming events? Light up the night with our SolarPuff™-LS that is small, foldable, and portable. SolarPuff™-LS is small and collapses flat to carry in your backpack or glove compartment and is ideal for celebrating your anniversary with your loved one, exploring the great outdoors, disaster preparedness, or simply taking the dog for a walk around the block. It serves you in every way possible, from dinner light to camping lights, outdoor patio light, and indoor lighting for any occasion. ✔ A Magical & Soothing Atmosphere Anytime, Anywhere! ✔ Perfect during power outages. Never get caught in the Dark. ✔ Up to 12 hours of continuous light with only 8-10 hours of charging (Charge it during the day, use it the night). ✔ 3 Settings for White Lights, or 7 Colors for the Multicolor version. ✔ Designed in the US, Patent in the US, Shipped from the US. ✔ Eco-friendly. Made of recyclable sailcloth. It's rip proof and tear proof with UV coating. Engineered for extreme weather. ✔ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty. ✔ 10% Of our profit is donated to an NGO helping people without access to electricity or using kerosene for it. A Versatile & Modern-Day Solar Light! From outdoor adventures to the patio of your home, you can use this AWARD-WINNING "Collapsible Solar Lantern SolarPuff™-LS" whenever wherever you want. You can have up to 12 hours of continuous light with only 8-10 hours of charging. Whether you have an intimate dinner with your significant other, lost access due to a power outage, or want to create a soothing ambiance, SolarPuff™-LS" is your perfect companion in all these situations. The soft glow of the SolarPuff™-LS creates a warm ambiance at any backyard dinner, movie night, or enjoy a cozy night with your family & friends. If you want a light that's gentle on the eyes and sets a comfortable atmosphere, the SolarPuff™-LS is your best pick. It's a fun, playful light that's great for kids, parties, and tailgates. What's behind the design of this AWARD_WINNING "Collapsible Solar Lantern SolarPuff™-LS"? We designed a foldable & collapsible solar lantern that could pack flat easily & quickly and can also be distributed after disasters. The simple, rechargeable lantern is lightweight, easy to use, and serves as a safer alternative to hazardous candles or toxic kerosene for people without stable access to electricity. Awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for patents that are helping world crisis. Solar Puff™ LS is a great light source close to nature and is more eco-friendly and environmentally beneficial. It gives natural light and assists you in meeting modern-day requirements. Our aim is to provide our customers with a lantern lighter to their pockets but a giant in meeting your lighting needs. Did you Know it's the only self-inflating solar lantern in the world! Engineered to out perform the competition! Made of recyclable sailcloth fabric with a unique trilateral weave & it's known for its excellent weather resistance properties. Even when punctured, it maintains its shape. It's rip proof and tear proof! Self-inflating Design! Our SolarPuff™-LS stands out from the competition, thanks to its award-winning design and technology. Our Collapsible Solar Lantern goes from flat polygon into a gorgeous cube. Inspired by origami with easy pull-open operations. It does not require using a mouth nozzle to inflate and deflate. Collapsible Solar Lantern deflates to a tidy flat-packable configuration for convenient travel. "Collapsible Solar Lantern SolarPuff™-LS" has some other essential characteristics: ✔ Dusk-to-dawn light sensor mode is now available. Press the ON/off button for 3 seconds to toggle between Manual mode or Light Sensor mode. ✔ Settings for Warm and Bright White: Low, High, and Blinking are the three options. ✔ Self-inflatable: It's simple to open. There is no need to inflate using your mouth or a nozzle. The origami design lets you pull the handles and it pops open into a cube! ✔ It's simple to close, and there's no need to deflate; merely push together to seal. ✔ 2.6 oz in weight, super lightweight & super compact - can be folded into a 0.5" square. ✔ The Velcro handle connects and hangs easily. ✔ IP68 Waterproof Rating ✔ Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable
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Sede operativa New York, NY 10007, USA

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