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Holcim is committed to building progress for people and the planet

A global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, at Holcim we are 70'000 people passionate about building progress around the world, across our four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products. At the forefront of green building solutions, Holcim plays an essential role to accelerate the world’s transition towards a net zero and more inclusive future, making cities greener, enabling smarter infrastructure and improving living standards for all.

A shared vision

Partnering to implement clean and efficient technologies in the construction industry

Holcim is driven by the purpose to build progress for people and the planet. The partnership with Solar Impulse Foundation shows their commitment to be at the forefront of green building solutions. Holcim is working to make cities greener, empower society with smarter infrastructure and improve living standards for all. Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution Label endorsements are a great encouragement for Holcim's teams to innovate to enable carbon-neutral building, green mobility and make affordable housing a reality.

At Holcim we are working to make cities greener and enable smarter infrastructure with circular and low-carbon solutions.

Jan Jenisch, CEO

We are becoming a net zero company, to play a key role in addressing the climate challenge. We are partnering for greater impact.

Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer

Their commitment

Net zero pledge

Holcim joined the SBTi initiative“Business Ambition for 1.5°C,” the first global building materials company to sign the pledge with intermediate targets for 2030.
Holcim takes a rigorous and science-driven approach to sustainability to build progress for people and the planet. Working in partnership with SBTi, they have set ambitious climate targets to build a net zero and inclusive future. On this journey, they are making cities greener with low-carbon and energy-efficient solutions; empowering society with smarter infrastructure, from green mobility to renewable energy, and building more with less to drive the circular economy. Sustainability is at the core of Holcim's strategy.