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BNP Paribas is a leading banking player for a changing world

For two centuries, BNP Paribas has been a historical witness to the transformations of society and the economy. Today, by developing long-term close working relationships with their clients in 71 countries, the Group aspires to contribute to sustainable and responsible growth.
BNP Paribas supports all its customers in the success of their projects through its financing, investment, savings and protection solutions. The Group holds key positions in its three operating divisions: Domestic Markets for retail banking networks, International Financial Services for specialized financial services and Corporate & Institutional Banking for corporate and institutional clients.

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A shared vision

Promoting jointly sustainable and profitable energy transition solutions

BNP Paribas and Solar Impulse are working hand in hand to accelerate the implementation of solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way and thus bridge the gap between ecology and economy.
This trusting partnership reinforces the group’s commitment strategy around several activities:
• Three BNP Paribas solutions have already been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label
• An active network of 13 experts mobilized internally studies the risks of the solutions proposed by Solar Impulse
• A “community of interest” led by BNP Paribas on Energy Efficiency was launched at Movin’On on sustainable mobility
• This partnership is also reinforced by a joint presence at major events such as Change Now, VivaTech or Expert Challenge

Our partnership with BNP Paribas demonstrates that today environmental protection is profitable. Investing in new technologies makes sense: it’s logical, even more than eco-friendly. It creates jobs and stimulates clean economic growth that is much better.

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman, Solar Impulse Foundation

Their commitment

A bank recognized for its commitments to sustainable development

BNP Paribas has made the ecological and energy transition its top environmental priority as a global player that finances the energy sector.
The Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach allows it to take part in building a sustainable future through its 4 pillars:
1. Economic: financing the economy in an ethical manner
2. Social: developing and engaging its employees responsibly
3. Civic: being a positive agent for change
4. Environmental: accelerating the ecological and energy transition
Every year, BNP Paribas makes progress on implementing its CSR strategy. It is manifest in its new commitments, a more robust organization, even more expert connections and a shared knowledge of its goals.

The 4 pillars of BNP Paribas’ CSR strategy