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Air France

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Air France is a leading global player in air transport and is recognized for its expertise in safety and security.

Since 1933, Air France has been promoting and highlighting France throughout the world. With an activity divided between passenger transport, cargo transport and aeronautical maintenance, Air France is a major air transport player. Air France has set itself ambitious sustainable development objectives and is working to reduce and offset its CO2 emissions. As part of the Horizon 2030 programme, the company is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions per passenger/km by 50% between 2005 and 2030 thanks to the integration of new-generation aircraft into its fleet, eco-piloting innovations and the progressive use of biofuels.

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A shared vision

Innovating and reinventing ourselves for more sustainable aviation

To build sustainable aviation as of now, Air France has joined forces with the Solar Impulse Foundation and is seeking innovations for more sustainable aviation. The Partnership will identify and promote technologies which positively impact the reduction in carbon emissions, waste and noise. All of these clean, efficient and economically feasible solutions will be made available to the aviation industry to build a more sustainable future and Air France will implement those which are relevant to its activities.

After this crisis, we will more than ever seek to be the pioneers of more sustainable aviation. Innovating and reinventing ourselves so that we may once again bring people, economies and cultures together across the skies.

Anne Rigail, CEO of Air France

Their commitment

To be a reference in air transport in terms of sustainable development

Committed to sustainable transformation for many years, Air France has been striving to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals in its activities and operations.
Air France puts sustainable development among its priorities and is committed to responsible travel by taking actions for:
- The environment (Horizon 2030 program)
- Its customers' trust (flight safety, health security,...)
- The well-being of its employees (quality work life, training, diversity promotion)
- Solidarity-based partnerships (Air France Foundation, Aviation Sans Frontières,...)