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10 solutions to invest in to save energy

Written by J. Derain & T. Nichols 4 min read

With the increasing price of energy today more than ever, investing to save resources is logical as well as ecological. This equation is true at any level and we wanted to show you how we can all save resources through this article that takes the level of the citizen.

The expression 'the cheapest energy is the one we do not not consume' is very true. Several 'small gestures' and good practices exist to change the situation. Indeed the waste of resources is a scourge that should no longer exist in our time where each energy calorie, each liter of water, each gram of CO2 costs us so much, both financially and ecologically. However, these good practices, although essential, are not enough.

Therefore, we're offering here 10 examples of solutions that are available to everyone and in which to invest today to save money right away. We have divided these examples into four categories: visualize and measure, manage your consumption, modernize your energy infrastructure, produce your energy.

Visualize and measure

Without realizing it, we waste about 20-25% of electricity per year. To reduce energy consumption, a first step is to make the invisible visible through digitization and measurement.

Solutions exist to better visualize real-time consumption. Targeting the most energy-intensive elements makes it possible to control consumption and thus make energy efficiency decisions with a minimal compromise on comfort.

Examples: Ecojoko, Conso Live,

Manage your consumption

Consuming at the right time and for the right need is a key to saving money and reducing our environmental impact without sacrificing comfort.

Adjusting, programming, anticipating or shifting your heating or light cycle, so many options to manage your day-to-day consumption and reduce your energy budget. Some connected equipment even allows remote control to adapt to all situations.

Although some devices are relatively expensive , the return on investment is very interesting if they are used properly.

Examples: ECOtm , Eco Touch

Modernize your energy infrastructure

Investing in renovation work can reduce energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. Renewing your lighting, improving your insulation, changing your heating system, or installing a solar water heater, are among the many possibilities to consider when modernizing your home. 

Often undertaken by households with the most means, the budget for this type of investment is around €5,000 to €15,000. In most countries, government grants are available to make your home more efficient. In France, for example, there are financial subsidies offered by the portal dedicated to eco-renovation on or with the help of the ANAH (National Housing Agency).

Examples: Joulia, Gramitherm, Nova Air Heat Pump, SopraStar

Produce your energy

Symbol of autonomy, self-consumption requires a significant initial investment but allows to supply the domestic electrical systems with self-generated renewable energies and has a lower cost than the energy sold by the suppliers on the market. A wise way to save on the energy bill while preserving the environment. Solar and wind power are the most widespread examples, but geo-energy solutions are also being developed.

To limit the initial investment, it is also possible to rent your solar panels or wind turbine and buy them back at the end of the rental contract. Energy as a service" solutions are also available.

Examples: DualSun, Comwatt Power

In all those categories many more solutions actually exist, we invite you to consult the solutions explorer to find others.

Do you know of other solutions to reduce energy consumption? Share them with us!

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Written by J. Derain & T. Nichols on December 20, 2022

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